Free From show Winter 2019

Free From show Winter 2019 So today me and the family travelled to Liverpool to check out the FreeFrom show Winter 2019 and we were not disappointed. People had arrived from all over the UK to showcase their new products , you can try before you buy and there were all sorts of freebies being... Continue Reading →

Coeliac for beginners

    When you are newly diagnosed with Coeliac’s disease it is so easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. This is a ridiculously huge change to your life that is going to creep into literally all aspects of it, from home, and work, to your social life, you name it. This change is coming and... Continue Reading →

The best Gluten free Yorkshire puddings.

Gluten free Yorkshire puddings Hey guys So a while back I posted a picture on my Instagram of the best gluten free Yorkshire puddings, ever since then I’ve had people contacting me on numerous platforms wanting the recipe. I have tried a few over the years but there is nothing quite like these light fluffy... Continue Reading →

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