Warning !! Christmas post

I have always been a big lover of Christmas, a time for catching up with family and friends overindulging in holiday treats and not needing an excuse for a midday nap!

I am pleased to share my experience a part of Coeliac UK’s ‘Tales of a Gluten Free Christmas’ campaign #gfchristmas. Visit www.coeliac.org.uk/gf-christmas to find out more

This year is going to be very different for everyone, since the beginning of the pandemic it’s been hard to keep up with the rules, regulations and what’s best to do to keep yourself and loved ones safe, so here at The Angry Coeliac house we have decided to stay at home. Our immediate family are all scattered across the country and trying to visit all our loved ones was going to be difficult, if not impossible, so we made the decision to stay put and try and keep everyone safe in the process.

Christmas at home

So this year we are having a fabulously festive Christmas at home and as much as I love my extended family not having to drive up and down the country for hours on end fills me with a Christmas spirit like you wouldn’t believe (Sorry mum!).

So, looking at silver linings and staying positive after the year from hell this means that my Christmas this year will be super safe with regards to eating gluten free. I am incredibly lucky to have a gluten free household and we all eat the same GF meals thanks to the amazing support of my husband and son. This year I’m grateful that I will not have to carry around a weeks’ worth of food labelled in containers, each one holding different meal and buffet treats depending on where we are going. (I know I am not alone).

All jokes aside I am also very grateful that me and all of my family no matter where they are spending Christmas this year are safe and well, this Pandemic has hit everyone in different ways, some have really struggled with their mental health, some have been isolated and alone and others have lost loved ones way before their time. Whatever impact this year has had on you, please remember to keep yourself safe this Christmas.

Like many, I have found the last few months challenging to say the least, so I decided to try and find the positive in a difficult situation. During the pandemic I have used my time to fall in love with food again, looking for and creating new recipes some of which have worked and others not so much haha. Over the coming weeks and following on into the new year you will find new posts of what I have been up to in the kitchen during lockdown and my favourite gluten free recipes.

Photo by Jonathan Meyer on Pexels.com

Before I go

This year, as I mentioned earlier, I have been incredibly lucky to be involved in Coeliac UK’s ‘ Tales from a Gluten free Christmas’. My story of Christmases past was shared in their Christmas campaign and the response was amazing, so a big thank you to everyone that got in touch. The gluten free options in 2020 are out of this world and the price of our food is slowing coming down with some great deals out there. But remember to take your time, if this is your first Christmas it can be really overwhelming and stressful, keep yourself safe and do not be too hard on yourself if mistakes are made…….. But most importantly ENJOY!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from The Angry Coeliac


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